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Welcome to my page

Do you enjoy reading?

I am a writer.

I’m a writer; my mind’s attached to my pen at all times. I see a story, an adventure, a lifeline to another world in everything that surrounds me.

My fingers are continually scouring the keyboard, for that’s their home. Words leave my hands in the form of blood drops leaking from my fingertips, dripping out onto the manuscript I’m slowly building for you.

I’m one with words; my most incredible creation will be your next love. My deepest desire is to paint the worlds you desire with all the words I can find in my heart bringing them to life with my soul. I crave these worlds, and I’ll hunt them till they are mine!



“I loved it! It had a great backstory and a beautiful romance. The characters were very real and believable. I love that this is a series and already starting the second one. It was well edited and beautifully put together. Five stars!”


“It was a well-written book with an excellent storyline.”


I was so excited when Teravaza was released. I have been waiting eagerly since I preordered it. It was worth the wait! It had so many great elements to keep the reader excited and engaged. What starts out as a survival reality game show, takes a dark and sinister turn very quickly when people begin to die. There is a killer among them. However, they can’t focus on that alone, as it is soon clear that the game show people have forgotten about them and have left them on the island to die. They find their way back to the mainland, only to find all hell has broke loose. From there its a fight for survival. Through this, strong bonds are formed, love blooms and they learn to lean on one another. Along the way they lose more people, but gain a few more as well. It is full of twists and turns. What seems like reality, may in fact not be. What seems like a dream, just may be real. Truly an exciting adventure that keeps you guessing and trying to figure out what is really happening! Cannot wait for book 2!!!!!


The story captured my interest right from the beginning. Kate is in an abusive marriage with a little boy in the middle of danger. This story is a reality of life, a consistent physical, sexual, and emotional roller-coaster pattern of mistreatment. Chris, her husband, controlled the situation and trapped Kate. This was all too common.

The author has written an unforgettable story of abuse, Thriller, action, and romance novel. I could not put the book down. It is mind-blowing how far her husband could get away with, and the book gives much hope to a woman in trouble.

It was tough for Kate to find the courage to leave a selfish man that had her locked up in her own home. Everyone deserves a relationship free from domestic violence and flourishing life. I highly recommend buying a copy—a five-star book.


Let me start my review by stating that I am a 6ft2 stereotypical biker/viking looking guy and this wouldn’t usually be my first genre of choice to read (and I would’ve totally missed out if I hadn’t!)

‘Tears of a cowgirl’ is a great read! I was sucked in from the very first chapter and found myself switching between holding my breath during the suspenseful parts to wiping away tears during the heartfelt ones! Turns out there’s a romantic in this guy and now definitely a Jupiter Rose fan

(On a personal note, I love Charlie! That’s the person we all want in our corner


“I loved this book. Keeps your attention right from the start. The author makes me feel like I’m actually in the book. Excellent book. Well written.”


I wish we could all love as intently as Katie and Michael, the main characters in Tears of a Cowgirl – Running from the Devil.

Jupiter Rose portraits the pain and overhanging fear after escaping an abusive relationship, as well as she captures the glorious details of the emotional rollercoaster that falling in love entail.

It felt refreshing listening to this romantic story full of hope for a new start in life after surviving hideous abuse, especially for someone like me, who usually reads dark thrillers and crime stories.

This book made me dream again, literally. The reading voice was engaging and pleasant.

I look forward to reading more books by Jupiter Rose.


WOW!! I just this second finished reading this book, it’s the 2nd by this author I’ve read and it’s as awesome as the 1st!
A vast land created, with compelling characters, a great fantasy piece with a perfect balance between romance and action.
The world created by Jupiter is so vast that I’m certain it can continue into an amazing series of books!


“I will love you forever or until the world devours our passion and our souls ride the trails of the moon.”

*** Quote from Tears of a Cowgirl

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My name is Jupiter Rose; I’m a multi genre author. I love writing, it’s my passion. I started this blog to share my love of words. I hope you will join me on my writing journey.

Love is kind, not cruel; it keeps you warm when life is cold.  It teaches you to soar, lifting you to the freedom that lives within your heart and allowing you to exist in its arms.

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