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Subects of my blog!

  • Fantasy writing
  • Suspense
  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Writing while living with anxiety
  • How to get through it daily.
  • Poetry about my personal experience with anxiety.
  • Talking through world events that bring on more anxiety then we already deal with.
  • Books I have read and enjoyed

Welcome to my page

Do you enjoy reading?

I am a writer.

I’m a writer; my mind’s attached to my pen at all times. I see a story, an adventure, a lifeline to another world in everything that surrounds me.

My fingers are continually scouring the keyboard, for that’s their home. Words leave my hands in the form of blood drops leaking from my fingertips, dripping out onto the manuscript I’m slowly building for you.

I’m one with words; my most incredible creation will be your next love. My deepest desire is to paint the worlds you desire with all the words I can find in my heart bringing them to life with my soul. I crave these worlds, and I’ll hunt them till they are mine!



“I loved it! It had a great backstory and a beautiful romance. The characters were very real and believable. I love that this is a series and already starting the second one. It was well edited and beautifully put together. Five stars!”


“It was a well-written book with an excellent storyline.”


“I loved this book. Keeps your attention right from the start. The author makes me feel like I’m actually in the book. Excellent book. Well written.”


“I will love you forever or until the world devours our passion and our souls ride the trails of the moon.”

*** Quote from Tears of a Cowgirl

Latest from the Blog

My name is Jupiter Rose; I’m a multi genre author. I love writing, it’s my passion. I started this blog to share my love of words. I hope you will join me on my writing journey.

Love is kind, not cruel; it keeps you warm when life is cold.  It teaches you to soar, lifting you to the freedom that lives within your heart and allowing you to exist in its arms.

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