Occult Detective Mystery Suspense

Terror in the Shadows

Kelsey Peters grew up in Salem, Massachusetts. A city that is recognized for its history in witchcraft. She is the lead reporter for the local newspaper.

Three months ago, her mother Sarah went missing. The trail went dry, and the case went cold. Yet, Kelsey refuses to give up. Dead or not, she will solve her mother’s case.

Now lies coil while buried secrets rise, putting lives in danger. When Kelsey goes missing. Her best friend Jennifer searches for the answers. Only to have her eyes opened to the hidden dangers of Salem.

Detective Silverton races against time, praying he’ll find her before it’s too late. He would walk through hell if it meant saving the woman he was in love with.

As the sun lifts and sets, mighty forces reveal its true nature. Can the truth save her, or will fate take her last breath?

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