Do you want to hear a story?

Each day I’ll add a bit more.

Part one Rain of the Wolves

Akita stepped off the bus onto the busy sidewalk. The city always made her feel like she was part of something bigger; its diversity always amazed her. She glanced at the sky; the sun was peeking out from behind the grey clouds. “It’s about time,” she muttered.

Today she was picking up groceries for Mrs. Macnary, her eighty-seven-year-old neighbour. Akita was always helping everyone; it made her feel good. Last week, she spent the entire day cleaning the local women’s shelter; she didn’t mind.

She rushed to the storefront, pulling open the door for an elderly man struggling to get his cart out. “Thanks,” he said as he proceeded to his car.

Akita smiled as she entered the store. She peered around, attempting to recall what was needed. Then, grabbing a cart, she made her way through the store. Akita paused at the meat section, searching for pork chops. She glanced at the butcher. He was approximately five foot eleven, with a muscular build. He was always sweet; his smile made her blush. This was the part of shopping she loved, even if it only lasted a few minutes. He usually was working when she came to the store. Who wouldn’t enjoy looking at him? She thought while nibbling her bottom lip.

He glanced over; the corner of his mouth lifted. “Hey, Akita. It’s nice to see you. Are you shopping for your neighbour?”

Akita smiled; they all knew her so well. “Yes, that’s precisely what I’m doing. Am I that predictable?” She said, turning a shade of pink.

He nodded. “You’re always helping someone.”

She smiled, walking away. Life was good, but had she become foreseeable? She was an ordinary girl, or at least she believed she was. Life was tedious; she wanted more. Akita wanted to be spontaneous, doing things; no one saw coming. Yes, Akita was a dreamer. She knew this wasn’t the case, but it didn’t stop her from craving it.

She went to the cashier and unloaded the groceries. It had been months since she went on a date, even longer since Akita had a girl’s night out. Maybe she should give her friends a call.

Rain of the Wolves ~ Jupiter Rose

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