Rain of the Wolves Part two

She filled the bags, then set them in the cart. Who would she call? Everyone Akita knew had busy lives. She was the only one who wasn’t in a relationship. It was more important to help others, but she never knew that meant being alone.
Akita was turning eighteen tomorrow; her plans consisted of sitting on the couch, eating take out. Hopefully, she’d get to see the movie she had been waiting to see. Later that night, she’d read her favourite book, The Golden Compass. Akita must have read it a dozen times this year alone. She ordered a new novel last week, The Lord of the Rings. It was supposed to be here yesterday, but it hasn’t come.
Akita placed the groceries in the taxi’s trunk, then headed home. She thought about the reoccurring dream she was having. It was of her walking through the woods; the birds were chirping while the wind rustled in the trees. She was always smiling; a large black wolf was shadowing her. Oddly, it didn’t scare her until that wolf disappeared into a swirling black shadow; that same darkness came for her. Akita woke in a terrible sweat each time; she hated that dream.
Mrs. Macnary placed her hands on the side of her face as Akita pull into her driveway. “Oh, sweet child. You’re my angel! You never let me down.”
Akita beamed, “No! It’s you that’s the angel; you’re the kindest old woman I know. You make me feel I’m not alone.”
Akita brought the groceries into the house. “The holidays are coming. Is anyone visiting for Thanksgiving this year?”
The elderly lady sat at the kitchen table. “No. They all have families of their own, they live their own lives. It’ll be Milbert and me this year.”
The grey-haired lady sat patting Milbert’s head while he purred into her ear. She was tiny, tottering when she walked. Her face was long, thin, with a wart on the side of her nose. Her hair was grey, tied back into a bun, but that was expected with her age. “What about your family? Will they be coming around?”
Akita pressed her lips together tightly. The thought of another empty holiday was depressing. “I don’t think so. Lacey will probably be out of town again. She spends a lot of time taking care of her parents.” She exhaled loudly, “I’m pretty much on my own here. My folks died a long time ago. My twin brother lives on the other side of the world, so we don’t get to see each other.”
Mrs. Macnary sighed. “I’m sorry to hear about your parents.”
Akita glanced over, “It’s okay. I never knew them; no one told me about them. They turned us over to foster care when we were quite young; we didn’t get to stay together.”

Excerpt From
Rain of the Wolves
Jupiter Rose

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