Rain of the Wolves Part three

Rain of the Wolves Part three

“That’s why Levi’s on the other side of the world. It’s home to him. This place is mine.”

The lady smiled, stroking her chin. “You’ve been like a granddaughter to me. I hope that’s okay to say. You’re always here for me. So, is that your foster mom you live with?”

Akita leaned against the counter. “Yes! That’s Lacey. She was my guardian, now we’re best friends. We are roommates since I’m of an age now. She took care of me most of my life. She is my family.” Akita smiled. “I feel as if you’re my grandma. I enjoy running errands for you and appreciate it when you make me cookies; the taste always leaves me wanting more.”

The elderly woman tilted her head. “You’re so sweet! Oh, I ordered you a birthday gift. The mailman dropped it off yesterday. It’s in the front closet.” A crooked smile crossed the old woman’s face. “Go see!”

Akita ran to the closet, then grabbed the brightly coloured box with a red ribbon wrapped around it. “It’s pretty. Can I open it today?”

The old lady agreed, then smiled. Akita, filled with excitement, slowly opened the box. Inside was a platinum watch; the numbers were replaced with a mixture of jewels. Each one held a distinct purpose. There was a button on the side that changed faces.

Akita smiled, “This is beautiful, thank you so much!” She put on the watch, then lifted her arm to admire the gift in the light. It locked, making it impossible to take off. She peered nervously at the old lady. “What’s happening?”

Mrs. Macnary smiled, “It syncs with the owner’s body, that’s all, dear. Don’t worry!”

Akita furrowed her brows while twisting her lips. “If you say so.” She pondered about her evening plans. She really wanted to go for a run. That’s what she needed. A good run through the untouched woods behind the house. “I should head out. I’m hoping to go for a run tonight. You know me. I love to keep in shape.”

The old lady smiled. “Okay, dear. Have a fabulous night. Drop by on your birthday; I’ll make you dinner. Maybe we can make thanksgiving plans.”

Her eyes glazed over. “Can we make it for the day after? I have plans to watch a movie, plus I’d also like to talk to Lacey before she heads out of town.”The kind old lady smiled. “But, of course, we can.”

Excerpt From Rain of the Wolves

Jupiter Rose

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