Unanswered Questions

I’m frequently asked questions, and being shy I tend to back off very quickly. I thought today was a good day to answer them. They are only basic get to know me topics but for some people, it’s difficult to step out of that shell.

What’s your name? Most people call me J or Rose but my friends call me JC.

What do you do for a living? I write fiction, full-time. I write clean romance with multiple subgenres.

Where are you from? Canada, right now I live in Powell River BC.

What’s unique about your writing style? I write more than one layer in a story. I’m also a poet so I add a poetic flair to my description.

What strategies do you use to prioritize tasks? Routine and a notebook, then I can visualize it.

Why did you choose the writing profession? I started out because of my accident. I needed a career where I didn’t have to be on my feet the entire day. Plus it allows me to work on my own hours instead of someone else’s.

What POV do you write in? 3rd person

What are some of the best ways to overcome writer’s block? I find fresh air helps and when all is lost create a music soundtrack for your WIP.

Tell me about a time you disagreed with someone’s feedback on your writing. I think the only time I ever disagree is when it’s an opinion. Everyone is entitled to them but you don’t need to change for someone else. An error is an error but an opinion is something everyone has.

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday. It’s a day of rest & writing.

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