Powell River

Good morning! I woke early. It was 12 30 am. I couldn’t get back to sleep. The skies are dark and the first thing I look for is that damn bear that everyone sees but me. He walks down the old dirt road on a regular basis yet I keep missing him. Never guess I am an animal lover.

Powell River is a small isolated town of 14000. It has everything we need here. A mall, it’s not huge but we have a Walmart. It has five grocery stores with delivery, a ton of restaurants, furniture stores and book stores. I like it here. We’re on the ocean and have a nice view of the mountains.

We have cougars, deer and many more types of wildlife. It’s lush and beautiful, perfect for nature lovers. The beach is close to everything and is a great place to think, even write. If you go out about a mile out of town you’ll see the whales and seals.

This is my home. I thought I would share it with you. Have a beautiful day.

Duck Lake, Powell River BC

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