Wake to Haunting Memories

Good morning! I woke early today, 2:30 AM. I try not to worry about waking too early. They say we’ll get plenty of sleep once we’re gone. I can definitely wait for that day. I love being awake. It means I get to write. I don’t know if I have an addiction to writing or if it’s a passion but the words are sweet no matter how dark they feel. They seep from my soul onto the computer screen and just feel right. Yeah, it might be an addiction!

I won’t ever give it up. It paints a rainbow across my soul and it may be the only heaven I ever see. I’m okay with that. I woke thinking about my friend. She died just as covid hit. I really miss her. Somedays I forget she’s gone and I want to call her and tell her about my day. Then it hits me all over again. Does it ever get easier?

I had a dream last night. It was crazy but the kind you write about. I don’t know if I could put it on paper or if it would even work but I’m going to try. What I do know is it was super cool in the dream but then isn’t everything?


In a dream

I open my eyes

And you are here

By my side

Afraid to wake

For you’ll be gone

A tear falls

Without hope

Angels call

You don’t answer…

Can you escape

The kiss of death

Will you be here with me?

Until the end

Don’t let that be today

We have to find a way

❤ ❤ ❤ Miss you, my friend.

Beautiful BC

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