Walking South Towards the Heat

Good morning! I looked out the window and the rain is coming our way. That’s okay I had two full days of sunshine. So, I’m pretty happy. I’ve learned to roll with life. What’s the use of getting upset?

I don’t deal with stress well, perhaps that’s why I let life roll. My agoraphobia proves that. It may not sit in the palm of my hands but there has to be an underlining reason, right? I fight it daily. I get up, put on my shoes (After my clothes of course LOL) and I go out for a stroll. I try to enjoy the morning air and remember why I love life. Each day something imprints on my heart and reminds me how precious life is. It’s why I take that walk, so I don’t forget.

I run at life like a challenge and I go for my dreams. They say the devil wants us to lose and I have never been competitive, but this boils my blood and I refuse to let it happen. My skies have shadows, they lurk every day darkening my world. It’s why I carry my own light. I write. It brightens my world like a fire in the night.

How do you make life better?

We all have dreams and I say go after them. We only once right. Why settle?

Take the bull by the horns and go for it!

#courage #faith #love

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