The Struggle to Breathe

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

Today I’m okay. A bit of a struggle going on inside me. I have a lot of appointments coming up. I don’t do well with leaving the house and dealing with people. They’re medical appointments, so I don’t get a choice, I need to go. The Dr found a lump yesterday and they have me in to get an ultrasound. I worry like any normal person but with anxiety like mine leaving the house is hard. Death could be sitting on my chest and the struggle would still exist. Imagine loving the outdoors, wanting to be one with nature but having a torturous condition that doesn’t allow you to step out into it without conflict. The fight is real and it’s neverending.

This poem is about stepping out into the world. It’s about the struggle the darkness is the anxiety. ❤

#TheStrugge #TheFight

In this life, we walk together

But we walk alone

Deep within

I run a race

But against who?

I see you there

But are you really here?

I feel your touch but darkness is near

You hug me tightly

Suffocating my only thought

I lighten the mood

And dance in the dark

My only light

Exists in my heart

You whisper you love me

But I don’t know who you are

You’re not happy

Nor are you sad

Neither choice is bad

Your intentions echo

Off the wall and into my soul

Darkness breathes

Ss it climbs your spine

It’s not there for your soul

It’s there for mine

I try to run

But there’s no door

I ask

I plead

I even beg

But it won’t loosen its grip

Around my neck

I choke on my reply

As I stumble to accept

I rise and take its hand

It lives in you

It holds you tight

I listen to all that’s said

It’s calming and chaotic

Depending on life’s truth

#Anxiety #PTSD

The darker side of life

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