Deep Within

Good morning! Today is a beautiful day. I woke with not much sleep, but that’s okay. I’ll crash early if needed. It’s Sunday, and most relax on this fine day before beginning a new week. To me, it’s only another day. I work from home. I’m a full-time writer.
I always found social media the most challenging part of being a writer. Why? Because it’s full of people. Some say it’s easier because everyone’s online. It’s not, though. I see you and everyone else for who they are. I don’t see a face hidden behind the screen. We are people, and our feelings still exist on or offline. The only difference is we can reach out further, and we can’t see the reactions of our words.
I hear about people jumping down the throats of others every day. It makes me wonder why. Are they taking out their mood on others, or are they that mean? I have learnt from day one to always consider what exists on the other side of the door. We don’t know what is happening to people or what they are going through. Kindness might be what gets them through their day. I love people, and I want to be that smile that gets them through the darkness.
When you’re alone and dealing with your past pains, remember this. We are only one person, and our minds can only carry so much. Let go of what you can, forgive and move on. You don’t have to let someone back into your life to forgive them. They say forgive but never forget.
Love and peace, everyone! Have a beautiful day, and be kind to all around you. #strongertogether

Heal so you grow
Kindness is the only way

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