There is Power Behind Words

Good morning! What a beautiful day. Today I’m free all day to write. My favourite kind of day. I might take a walk in a bit and enjoy the morning air, making coffee when I return.

We all have our own cause in life. I believe we should share it but never push it. I think kindness is the only way. I post about it and those who believe in it come. What cause do you believe in?

Here is a poem I wrote a while back. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know below. ❤

Power of light

Somewhere within

this heart I lay.

Am I awake or

is it a fool’s paradise

An echo of a holler

bellows back

mimicking my heart as it

pleads to the master

to abandon its chains.

Among those with broken dreams,

Devoured into a misled world

love that is like a sieve

and wicked thoughts

en-wrapped in fire…

slowly it draws you in

A longing to find a place

to hide…

Echoes like a breath taken

on a cold day.

The grey surrounds,

overwhelming the streets

engulfing souls,

overpowering the sun

creating withdrawal of light.

The clock ticks but never stays.

An army of ignorance invades

driving your mind to the land of oz

and your body to the river of lust

then where is time?

Among the streets catching the wind…

Does the master listen and reach out his love

Will he carry my heart through the path of thorns

And keep it from drowning in the sorrow

from the throbs of other hearts.

Will, he excuse what is only natural,

adapting to a world…

that lacks a dawn

Will he warm the hearts of those that have grown cold?

So while we engage

in shadows of the night

leaving time with no demand

The place I lay is filled with love

because I took a stand

I fought the battle. 

The master’s hand I held

and because I loved with such belief

he caught me when I fell.

Although my chains

may hold me down

Give, and you will be forever and ever

above your grey surroundings in a world

saturated in light. 

The golden crown

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