The Beat of the Rain

Good morning! We get a lot of rain here. I don’t know if everyone gets this much or how the weather is where you are but I thought it would be fun to express how I feel about the rain. Maybe if you’re up for it, you could comment below and tell me in your own poetic style how the rain makes you feel.

The Rain

It falls, and as it does, the clouds shift, grabbing hold of my soul and squeezing. Is it love, or is this the beginning of a storm?
I see the rain, and my heart bleeds. I think of the trees and their lust for the wetness that sinks in among their roots. I see the clouds, and I wonder what’s hiding behind them as life moves on.
Birds flutter through the drops, and my eyes follow them, dreaming of their flight. The rain washes their feathers as they drift through the gentle breeze.
My heart beats faster as the drops fall. I watch for lightning, hoping to hear the boom. Excitement drops when the grey washes away.
I step out and stand beneath the sky, letting each drop hit me one by one. It washes my disappointment away, and I take it upon myself to dance beneath God’s tears. I will not cry over the lack of sun; I will stand up and create my own light.
The pitter-patter follows me into my night. A smile lights my face. I listen to it strike the glass as I peek out the window. It calms my heart while my soul dances throughout the night.
In my world of dark, light is not free. There is no book with instructions, and no one can tell you how to live your life. Rain comes whether you want it to or not. It’s how you learn to move through the rain that matters.

I hope you have a fantastic day. ❤

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