Two Days!

Good morning! Today is full of sunshine. The sky is blue, a sight of true beauty. I’ve had a lot of trouble concentrating. I’m going in for surgery on the 9th of June. Being sick is hard work. However, it’s a simplistic surgery and I should recover quickly. It’s been four days since I wrote and I’m going crazy. But nausea and pain aren’t a great mix for writing. Today, I’m cleaning and cooking since I am supposed to take it easy after the surgery. (AKA write)


Our eyes on the sky

The soul of the earth

A brightness 

That captures one’s attention

Holding their light


Like a hug from the heavens

Lifting hearts

High into the sky

In among the stars

The steppingstones

To life’s secrets

Ripping one’s thoughts

From their mind

Pasting it in the moon’s lit sky

Searching for answers

That never come

Holding one’s head up

Seeing the beauty, you missed out on

your whole life.

❤ ❤ ❤

Have a wonderful day. ❤

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