Locked Inside

Good morning! One day left before surgery. Now I’m nervous. Life is full of unexpected things. We might think we know what’s coming, but we never really do.

I wrote a poem about how I feel about the future. I hope you enjoy it.

#futureinhand ❤

A whisper in the darkness

For the lights are out

A hand reaching

We walk this road

Never alone

Always with you

I see the light

But the future is grey

I feel the pull

Yet I want to stay

I fly down that bright path

But the grey holds me down

I grip your hand

But you shake it off

Like a hello

I scream for help

But no one really sees me

I may not be alone

But my heart is invisible

My sorrow forms

In the shape of a smile

I laugh

Yet down deep, I cry

I’m not sad

I just feel lost

And often wonder if anyone will ever see me

For who I am

❤ ❤ ❤

I wish you a beautiful day.

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