Good morning! I’m nervous, and my thoughts are scattered. I have surgery at 6:45 am, and I’m unsure how I feel. My thoughts always ask, what if I don’t wake up. I know, kind of dark. It’s how I feel, though. We are given life with no promises. I can only hope that I get to keep it, but things happen. I wrote a poem about how I feel.


I walk

I steal the air in my path

I wake

To see the morning sun

I know I must

I know I can

But life isn’t as fussy as death

I taste the fear in my mouth

As I walk out the door

I whisper to the Gods

Let me breathe once more

I swim in your love

I bathe in my hope

I am not immortal

I hope you have a wonderful day. Keep me in your prayers. ❤

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