The Morning After

Good morning! My surgery is over, and I’m alive! With that said, I have two weeks of recovery in front of me. (That was the minimum, but I’ll take it and run with it.)
My incisions are okay, but I have one around my belly button that is a pain in the arse. Every time I move, it feels like I’m ripping the stitches. The rest are fine; I barely notice them. So far, they are intact, but I must be careful with them.
The incisions are not huge. They are about three times the size of the ones you get from a biopsy. Thank goodness they don’t need to do the 6-inch cut beneath the ribs anymore.
My recovery plans, hmm. Writing, editing and sleeping…when I can. I’m not a good sleeper, but I’ll do my best.
Have you ever thought about the vast jump medical technology has taken over the last few decades? It blows me away!
As usual, I try to keep it short and sweet. (I’m dying to dive into my books)
I hope you have an amazing day! ❤

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