Poetry For A Lazy Saturday

Good Afternoon! My blog post is late today. My cord snapped on my PC and my battery drained. I had to go out today and buy a new cord. It has been a super long morning. I need to take a quick nap and re-energize. So much for recovery time, LOL.

Here is a poem for you poetry lovers! ❤

#thelingering of what used to be

It was the height of heaven

My mind was calm

The clouds lingered

Like a magnet

Large pools of fluff drifting by

It was a trail of light

A steppingstone to the holy grounds

A long way down

To what we know as home

I fly

With no wings

I drift

In my thoughts

I breathe

An air that is heavenly

I ride

That shadowed cloud

The one that takes me home

The one that whispers my name



Like hell’s doors are open

But I am high

In the clouds

Drifting like a pillow

In the azure sea



By what I leave behind

I love

I miss

But I have no choices.

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