The Little Things We Ask for in Life

Good morning! Today is a beautiful day. The sun is up and lighting the sky like a torch. You know they say be careful what you wish for. I have wanted sunshine all year and I’m happy to have it but after the surgery, I’m light sensitive. The doctor says it will fade. (Go figure, right?)

I removed the bandages today. Some of the cuts were a bit messy and I am quite bruised, but overall, they look good. The one under my rib cage is sore. It looks to be twice as big as the rest. I can feel the difference now that the surgery is done but I feel beaten up.

Today I wrote a poem about the steps we take to get to that calm place.


I walk a million miles

For what… a simple smile

A moment in time

Where words haven’t stolen my breath

I live, but I’ve just waken

I breathe, but your sweet taste is only reaching my lips now

I have hopped and skipped

Through life

Climbing mountains that were born to block the sun

I can hear whispers, calling my name

Telling me to jump

From the limits of my faith

Grabbing me as I fall from hell, into the bright light of love

I am one, but together we can be many

I am here

Can you see me?

Have a beautiful day. ❤ ❤ ❤

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