You Are My Wolf ~Walking Alone

Good morning! Today the sky is grey. Time to create my own sunshine. ❤

Have you ever woken up and realized something you have been trying to figure out for years? It suddenly makes sense out of the blue. That was me this morning. It’s nice to understand things, but sometimes you wish they would come about much faster.

I suffer from CPTSD/anxiety, like many others. I wake disorientated. I forget where I am & I’m sad. I’m not depressed. I need to remember it’s the past. I am #grateful for each breath I take, for my family, friends & life. I relive the grief every morning, but I’m okay.

I have a tiny family and spend a lot of time alone. To survive, I’ve had to let go of many toxic people. It wasn’t easy, love is love, and it doesn’t tell you, ‘hey, they are toxic, you can’t love them,’ it just is. My world consists of my mom, son and friends I’ve brought into my family along the way. Family isn’t always blood. It’s love, devotion and loyalty—kind of like the wolves.


I walk a lonely street

Searching for the love I lost

I hunger

With each breath I take

Longing for you

Dreaming of the day we’ll meet

I take a breath in the hope to save you

Knowing you’re drowning as I am

Praying you felt my touch

As I reach into the blue azure

While running from the dark

I howl each night

Clawing at the moon as I climb the stars toward freedom

It knocks me down

But I get up

Hurt, but my heart sees you

I lick my wounds

And rise to the light

Fighting for my dreams

I know you’re there

I can sense you

You and I will always be

❤ ❤ ❤

Have a lovely day. ❤

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