Friday…what more can you ask for?

Good morning! Today is beautiful. It’s Friday and I know that makes so many people smile. It’s the kind of day you turn up the music and dance. Celebrate life for what it is. You don’t have to have a lot in life, but you do need self-love and gratitude.

“There is nothing greater than the gift of life, for how could one experience love without the breath we take. Each breath is a step closer to fate. Her being my chosen path. Her soul a footprint of my destiny and her breath an echo of my heartbeat.”

Tears of a Cowgirl

Today I’m grateful for you. What are you #grateful for?


I am here

Is that not enough?

I won’t fall

Not within the light

I can climb

To the highest point

Scream my name

And jump

My faith is strong.

Because I believe

Freedom is a choice

Have a lovely Friday. ❤

Also Jupiter Rose

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