Happy Father’s Day

Good morning! I’m feeling much better. ❤ Today is a beautiful Sunday. The sun is just rising but is promising to warm the earth. Today’s Father’s Day. I want to take a second and wish the wonderful father’s out there, that took time and raised their kids through good and bad a fantastic day. You deserve this day!

We had a bear out by the garbage can last night. He was medium-sized, and kinda disturbed that he couldn’t get in the can. He was gorgeous. Powell river is full of beauty. I love being able to open my eyes and see them every day.

I’m writing. I’m working on my romantic suspense. I’m hoping today will be nice and dry. I like to take a walk down by the ocean. I hope you all have a great day. XOXOX

❤ ❤ ❤

“Those beautiful lips left him tangled in knots, wanting more. He was still having trouble catching his breath just thinking about it. Time stopped when they touched. It was like floating to heaven. Her lips were hot like fire. He could kiss her all day and forget the world existed.”

Quote from My Heart for You.

Unknown artist

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