Riding The Grey

Good morning! Today is a fantastic day. Something was different though. I woke, listening for the songs of the tiny birds but got a lot of loud caws. The crows were on the go this morning. I love crows. They’re considered the messengers from the other side. Did you know a crow never forgets a face?

I figure it’s time to let you know who I am. This girl is many things. I have lived a life of gold but travelled a bumpy path. I am not rich, nor am I poor. I spent many years on the road travelling and I plan on doing it again. I love the freedom it gives me. Sometimes I have friends with me, other times it’s me and the highway with the wind in my hair. I guess I’m what they call an Iron Cowgirl. Semi-retired, I don’t think I will ever do it full-time again, yet who really knows until it happens. It’s been a while since I rode which makes me sad.

I love life and maybe it’s an addiction, who knows. I can’t get close enough to the life I love. The closest I’ve been is when I’m on a bike, in the wind, heading for nowhere. I’m going to write. My pen is calling. XOXOX


My chin in the air

Riding the grey

Following the wind

That takes me away

A whisper of freedom

That takes my hand

Pulling me

Taunting me

Into an unknown land

A gnawing ache

That makes me want to go

To live that lifestyle

That not too many know

I would crawl

I would run

I would steal the moon from the sky

To hold on to that feeling

In my bleeding soul

Have a great day. ❤

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