Sweet Trails to the Moon

Good morning! It’s a beautiful Tuesday. I woke late, so I miss the first song of the birds. I guess I needed the sleep. I’m a thinker. Sometimes, it takes a while to fall asleep, that was me last night. Dreams change with time. What I used to want isn’t the same anymore. Think back to when you couldn’t imagine wanting anything else? Did it change?

I used to work the ranches in my earlier days, before becoming a full-time writer. I didn’t want to be a writer when I was younger. I wanted freedom. I wanted to be one with the Earth, and that’s what I did. When I wasn’t riding, I was working with the horses.

There’s a ranch in AlbuquerqueNew Mexico. I worked there for a while. I’d wake before the sun, and make homemade beans and Ice tea for everyone then hit the barn. There were a few dozen horses, and lots of messy stalls to be cleaned. I spent half the day there then I took folks out for an afternoon ride. It was fantastic! Do you like horses?

Here is a poem about the open wild.


Deep inside

There is an open wild

That roams my soul

Searching for its freedom

It rides through the fields

Like a wild stallion

Galloping away with my heart

The wind

The rain

Even a storm

Can’t stop it

Its energy is like fire

That raises in the form

Of love travelling to the heavens

It jumps star to star like a stone trail

Riding the light of the moon

Have a beautiful day. ❤

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