Golden Memories

Good morning! It’s bright and sunny out. What a fabulous day. Today, I was thinking about a camping trip I took. I was down by Pentiction, BC. I had my two cats with me. They used dot travel with me a lot. I had my car at the time, not the bike.

It wasn’t really a camping area. It was over the bank, by the lake, and it was perfect. I remember seeing the city lights and feeling far away. I made a campfire and put my cats on their leash. They had the entire area to roam but they chose to moch a few seagulls. It was very cute. I spent the night relaxing, roasting marshmallows and sorting through thoughts that left me wondering.


I can see the light

The mountains

And the sun that rises behind your eyes

It rushes through me

Like a wicked wind

Roaring for control

It takes my heart

And runs through the light

Playfully taunting me

It holds me through the rough times

Releasing me back into the wild

Where freedom waits

It whispers my name

Repeatedly until I listen

It sweeps the sky, removing the star

Placing each in my hand

Showing me the love I deserve

It stole the moon and hid it beneath its heart

Hoping I would notice

And I did

Have a beautiful day. ❤

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