Hola 🌴☀️🤍🦋 The Sun Gods

Good morning! It’s a lovely Thursday. Only 2 AM here, so the bids aren’t even awake. However, I am wide awake and thinking about writing. Been discussing locations to buy a house with my family, lately. Spain came up in the conversation. Have you been there?

It’s warm, beautiful, and the roar of the ocean is loud enough to hear from your patio. It makes for great inspiration. Another thing I enjoy about Spain is the open-air markets. It’s so much better to buy food from the people who grow it.

The people there were friendly and inviting. They smiled and made a huge fuss over my pets. Kindness goes such a long way. I loved their traditions and how they relaxed in the afternoon and opened most businesses in the evening. It’s a wonderful place to visit. I don’t know about living, haven’t tried it yet.



Heat rises

From my soft silky skin

As I lay, taking in the ocean air

I sigh

Thinking about the warmth it provides

The sun

And how the moon lowered for this day

I question nothing

I only enjoy

I then walk along the ocean shore

Feeling the cool water touch my toes

Reminding me of this beautiful day

I whisper sweet nothings

To the sun gods

Praising them

And loving the gifts they gave

I twirl, smiling

Leaving footprints where I’ve been

Making history

Doing nothing, but loving the sun


Have a beautiful Thursday. ❤

Open air markets

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