Beneath the Azure

Good morning! It is a wonderful Friday. A start to a fantastic weekend. The birds sang for nearly an hour before the caw of the crow interrupted. Today I’m waking down to the ocean side. It’s beautiful there. I need a bit of peace and that’s where I’ll find it.

Maybe tomorrow I will have some pictures. ❤


In the blue

Way down deep

With the fish

I swim

I see the innocents of the sea

And how we are destroying it

I wish

I could touch it all

And make the darkness fade

But I am nothing but a mortal

With no power

I would wade through the waves

And dive to the bottom

Pick up the sad and clean the ocean’s bed

I would swim among the waves and play with the dolphins

I would kiss away the blues of the sea

Taking my heart

And offering it to all who is in need of love

Have a wonderful day. ❤

Illustrations By Lisa Aisato

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