When Nothing Else Is Left Kindness Will Always Be There.

Good morning! Happy Sunday! Today’s going to be hot again. I was told this summer is going to be hotter than last. Now, our summer is late, so how much summer will we have? I have the door open with the fan drawing in the cool air. I hope to cool the place down a bit, so it’s not too hot in here all day.

Yesterday, I did 15 chapters of editing. Somedays, I don’t mind editing, while others I want to pull out my hair. I might do a bit more this afternoon once I’m done writing. It tends to tire me out much more than writing a book does.

When the sun is given the spotlight it doesn’t hold back, it gives everything it has. Be like the sun and shine. This could be your moment!


#Alwaysbekind #story

There was a darkness

Peering past the edge of the sun’s glow

It was tiny

Playing with the shadows it created

Much like the innocents of a child

It would jump and skip

To see the blackened mass move

It never stepped into the light

Fear kept it hidden

I offered my hand

Wondering if it would accept

To my surprise, two blue eyes peered up at me

A tiny hand reached clutching mine

It stepped toward me

Tears were steaming down its darkened cheeks

Then a flash of light filled my eyes

A bright glow surrounded the figure

As I saw its true form

Its silver tipped wings flared

As she stood in her white satin gown

An angel stood there

In front of my eyes

It hid from sadness

And because I reached out

It was able to stand on its own.


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