My Soul Warrior

Good morning! We finally have relief. Cool air is pouring in the door as I write this. I love the sun, but when it gets too hot, I melt. I have a lot to catch up on after the three days of intense heat, including housework.

I am #thankful for the cool air. 💨💨💨

Do you believe in spirit animals?


We walk together

You by my side

Protecting me

As the days pass by

My soul, you guard

My gentle beast

My friend

My warrior

My spirit animal

I scream to the heavens

You remain calm

I run for survival

You chase me back to the light

Riding my dreams

We float among the stars

My soul

Your heart

Together as one

Have a great day. ❤

I love this artist. Whoever they may be.

6 thoughts on “My Soul Warrior

    1. Thank you! It makes me happy that you love my poetry. My first book was put out under the pen name NB Nicholas. It is at Barnes and Noble.
      My second book is on Amazon
      My third is coming out very soon. You can watch for it here.

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