Hidden Deep Within

Good morning! It’s early and I can feel a positive day coming on. Life may not always be easy, but we make the best out of it. I didn’t wake up with #anxiety today, such a positive thing. Something a lot of people never see. Most days I wake without the ability to breathe. I #panic and I forget where I am, or why I’m here. Then the grieving starts, sadness strikes, and I feel guilty for being alive. I collect myself and I make coffee, then I move on with my day like it never happened. It’s my #CPTSD. I look normal, I am normal, but I suffer silently. I am not the only one out there, but no one speaks about it. I refuse to be quiet, people need to know it doesn’t go away, people just deal with it alone.

I can feel the pen calling. Let me leave you with these words. ❤


My dark surrounds me

When my eyes open

Caressing my flesh

Touching me like I’m his

Whispering blackened thoughts

Telling me he loves me

Tearing out my soul

And dancing in the shadows

His grip is mighty

I fight

I struggle

I lift my chin

Only to be knocked down

I climb toward the light

But someone’s blocking it

I cry out

But I’m alone

No one sees me

Am I still alive?

Tears fall

But my screams are silent

I feel his squeeze as he embraces me

Telling me it’s forever

My only escape is between his deadly words

As he attempts to steal my last breath

Have a beautiful day. ❤

Unknown artist

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