Falling From The Grey

Good morning! It’s a beautiful Saturday not a cloud in the sky. Which is odd for Powell River. Today’s going to be a hot one. I have the door open allowing the cool air to flow in before the heat comes.

I have a busy day ahead. I wrote a poem about waking up with PTSD. I find it helps to write about it, but in short spurts, like poetry.


As I open my eyes

I see the light of the day

Seeping in past the blinds

My heart warms at the thought of a beautiful morning

Then the smile fades

As darkness grips my throat

Stealing the breath I take

My thoughts

Spiralling out of control

As I rise

Reaching for a touch of reality

Realizing my grey has risen

And surrounded my world

The barriers grow smaller each day

Trapping me in my mind

Holding me prisoner

Allowing me to only see what the grey allows

I push

I fight

I break down those walls

Running toward the light

Within it I see me

My inner child

And the woman who seeks to be free.

Have a great day. ❤

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