The Lingering of What Was

Good morning! The songs of the tiny birds were lovely this morning. They are a positive trigger in my life. There is good and bad, reach for anything that shows you the light you need.

For the last two weeks, I have been struggling when I wake some days I come out of it but on others, I deal with my darkness throughout the entire day. Not sure why it’s lingered. I can usually win the battle within an hour. No matter what I keep fighting and I will win in the end. Life is too precious not to.

Today’s poem is about trust and how we look past it sometimes. ❤


It was the last words spoken

And the only ones that echo in my mind

When I think of you

I live a life

Where anything is possible

But yet you linger

I soar through this world

Holding my head high

Attempting to release your grip

As you extinguish my every word

Dipping my soul deep into your dark world

Gripping my breath

Whispering darkened thoughts into my sun


It was something to be earned

It opens the doors of the heart

The one broken and left bleeding

A heart rides the waves of love

But the barriers you gave me

Sink deep

So far down

That when I lift my heart

I struggle not to drown

Knowing I need to let go

I run

But I’m running from myself

Because you don’t exist in my world anymore

You are the lingering of what was

But without you

I don’t know who I am

I hope you have a beautiful day. ❤

We can choose our family. It doesn’t have to be blood. I am lucky I have a small blood-related family and a few friends that have become part of that.

❤ Without you, I’d linger on this Earth with a broken heart. Now, I see the beauty that rises with the sun. ❤


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