It’s Just You and Me

Good morning! Happy 4th of July to the USA peeps. I Hope tonight is full of celebration and fun. Life can be so grand.

Going to keep it simple today.


It all begins somewhere

In you and in me

Kindness is out there

Open your eyes and see

In a heart that’s frozen

It would be hard to take

But the warmth of love

It will keep it safe

Roads not paved

The bumpiest rides

Boken in two

Left behind

Kindness offers its hand

It throws no stones

It carries you in time of need

It breaks no bones

It whispers love

Not hate

It motivates

Lifting the dark from your chest

If you can’t catch your breath

It will breathe for you

Keeping you strong

Until you can walk on your own

Have a beautiful day. ❤

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