You Got This

Good morning! I am up super early. It’s one of those nights where sleep doesn’t exist. We all had those, right?

Today, I’m editing. I want to get Genavine’s Faith out. I have a lot of people waiting for it and I have been a bit lazy with timing. (My bad) Sometimes, I need that break between #writing and #editing.

I was thinking about the last couple of years and what we went through with covid. It’s cleared up here in Powell River. However, it seems to still be happening in other places. How is it where you are?


It begins with a vision

And grows more each day

It stacks


Runs by our side

Lives in our minds


That’s what it is


We desire

We work toward

Racing through time

Grabbing each link that takes us there

We climb and fall

But rise and run again

Gripping and tasting the rewards of our efforts

Have a beautiful, blessed day. ❤

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