Another Place in a Different World

Good morning! It’s a lovely Thursday. The birds are singing outside my window. The sun has yet to rise. I have my ice coffee and I am on my deck waiting for the sky to light. I think it’s going to take me two weeks to get the edits finished. Then my book will go to the hands of my ARC readers. I don’t have that many as they are difficult to find. Most people don’t like to be on a deadline when reading.

I put poetry in my novels. There is one at the beginning and the end. It’s kind of been my thing. I plan on getting another six chapters done today. Wish me luck! My pen is calling. XOXOX


You are the man of my dreams

You only exist

When I sleep

I see you

And I know you see me

It’s the only way

We can be together

Me, here in this world

You in yours

Separated by the stars and the moon

Destined to be apart

Choosing to be together

Even for a mere second

To inhale the scent of our love

I can only dream

That our souls will connect

That passion I want to feel

The time we steal

He is hungry like a wolf

Hunting me

I run toward him because he’s the one

I want a love that would

Walk through hell

Because heaven doesn’t want me

I want the man that would fight the world

To keep me safe

I want that hunger for myself

The kiss of my wolf

When he finds me

This poem is from one of my upcoming books. Have a beautiful day. ❤

Soulmates-Twinflames: Photo

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