The Legend of Fire and Water

Good morning! Happy Sunday. Today, I’m telling you a story about the love between the forbidden. A legend is said to be placed by the Gods. I’m keeping this short as my pen is calling. XOXOX


They say it was the most incredible love affair in history. Souls intertwined yet destined to be apart, now two elements that could never touch—their souls placed within the earth for eternity.
Longing, wanting, wondering what the other feels. Fire takes a breath, feeling alone. Her heart burns for life and to feel water’s soul wash over her. Knowing that a single touch would end her forever didn’t stop her longing.
Water rushed along the bed of the earth. He craved her touch. His heart ached, knowing the fire was his weakness.
One day the earth rumbled. A voice yelled from the heavens. “You have served me well. For a moment in time, you two can be together. Savour it for no one has forever.”
The earth cracked by the bank of the river hot lava shot into the air and down into the water, where the lovers gazed passionately at each other. That one touch reminded them that they forever existed in each other’s hearts.

Have a beautiful day. ❤

Unrequited Love by Cold-Tommy-Gin on DeviantArt

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