Welcome to My Haunted Mind

Good morning! Today is a great day. Woke early, and didn’t sleep much, but that’s okay. I plan on spending the day editing. I didn’t get any writing done, yesterday as I was exhausted. Spent half the day on the phone. The waiting time has increased since covid struck. Takes forever to get through to the government.

Alright, my pen is calling. Check out my Haunted Mind. XOXOX


My heart is not broke

But it’s dangling by a thread

My anguish haunts me

Deep within my head

My soul is on fire

My breath is shallow

Taking the next breath

Could be my last

I scream with terror

Only to see darkness

Yet my room is fully lit

I cry tears of sorrow

I die just a little bit

I am lost but

I’m not

Yet I can’t be found

I sleep next to the hungry wolf

And never make a sound.

So, here I am

Alone to a degree

My anguish, my soul and me.

Have a beautiful day.

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