A Quote From My Heart For You

Good morning! Today is a beautiful day, but I’m not feeling well. I hope to feel better as the day goes on. I wanted to come on and wish you all a beautiful day. ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

These quotes are from an upcoming book of mine. #Romanticsuspense

“Dammit,” she muttered, staring at the heavens. Not fair, God! Justice glanced at Storm. “Where are the chains?” Storm growled. “What chains? Darling, I did my time. I’m a free man.” Justice burst into laughter. “I find it hard to believe they let guys like you roam free.” #Quote

9 thoughts on “A Quote From My Heart For You

  1. A wonderful poem dear Jupiter Rose. A poem for you.
    “She asked him. Will you forget me? Will you forget my kisses?
    He smiled and he kissed her once, he kissed her twice.
    He told her. Your sweet kisses are what keep me hopeful.
    Your hand in my hand, my kindest day.
    I will never forget your kisses my love.”

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