The Wolf in Me

Good morning! Today is beautiful. I woke to the birds chirping. I actually slept, this is three days in a row. Not sure what’s going on, but i love it. Today I have some editing to do and I want to write. I haven’t written all week. (lame) It’s been a long seven days.

Today I want to tell you my favourite quote then leave you with a poem. My pen is calling. ❤ XOXOX

A soul is like an open sky, wild, beautiful and lit by God.



I am hungry like a wolf

Who hunts in the night

I cry beneath the sun

And howl at the moon

I chase butterflies

That flutter nearby

I see their beauty

I growl beneath my breath

My sight is enhanced

For my heart soars

It flies among the clouds

I capture the stars

As I ride the trails of the moon

Searching for my mate

My feet hit the ground with power

With each step I take

I take control

Only to give it to God

My howl is my plead

My growl is my soul

Begging for you to come home

My blood is your sacrifice

I am one

Have a beautiful day.

New Pain Tattoo Oldenburg

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