Caught In A Web

Happy Wednesday! I’m trying to get myself into a somewhat schedule. Boy am I stubborn. LOL!

What’s your favourite time to write?

My pen is calling. XOXOXOX

Listening to tunes while writing. The song I am currently listening to is


Dangling in a web

Not sure which way to turn

My eyes are open

Yet I am blind

My heart is happy

It sings

Like it hasn’t in such along time

However, there is a sadness that tugs

It whispers stop

It waves a flag

Shoots at the moon

Then lifts me to the stars

Yet all I can see is you

Is it right

Is it wrong

Will my heart be strangled

Will I drown

God only knows

For life


And each breath I take is his

I will not run

Yet the fight is on

Have a beautiful day.

16 thoughts on “Caught In A Web

      1. It is dear Jupiter Rose. In two weeks, I can buy some books. I am watching two grandchildren. They take all my money during the Summer. I don’t mind. My grandparent took me everywhere. I try to be like them. I hope you added to your Barnes and Noble. Two of them I do want. I like old houses and the wolves.

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      2. That is fabulous, John. The missing pieces of Teravaza & Rain of the Wolves? I think both are in Barnes & Noble. Watching grandchildren is a delight and precious time. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Writing is hard work dear Jupiter Rose. I have two 200 pages books, I wrote in 1996. Sitting and waiting for a editing. One day. I will find time to edit. You did well.

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