Just A Second In Time

Good morning! Happy Thursday! Today I woke with the birds, such a blessing. Made some coffee and ready to work. Life is good. I miss my family, but I know I can’t change the situation as of yet.

I’ll be editing and writing, I have had a bunch of requests for one of my books and want to get it out to them.

Well, my pen is beckoning. I must answer its call. XOXOX

Just a #SecondinTime

In a mere second

Life can change




It could go either way

Life can tumble

Into the dark

If your soul is lit

It won’t leave a scar

High like a bird

Life will soar

Twisting in the wind

Between the rich and poor

Lifting you high

Pushing you deep


In life’s big blue sea

Rising like an angel

One step at a time

Reaching for you

Taking what’s mine

Racing through the stars

Reaching for you

Have a beautiful day. ❤

3 thoughts on “Just A Second In Time

  1. Hello Jupiter Rose. A morning poem for you.
    “You and me, we believed in the sea.
    You and me, once we believed in love.
    You were my raven and I was your free and wild wolf.
    We danced for the moon nightly and we sang to the stars.
    I called out to the night, your name.
    I sing to the Goddess of the forest.
    Please bring my love to me.”

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