It’s The Universe’s Time Not Mine

Good morning! Happy Friday! Today is going to be a better day I can feel it. It’s still dark I haven’t missed the sunrise. I’m making my coffee and waiting. It’s become part of my day. I didn’t wake with PTSD today, oddly I’m okay. Maybe I’m learning to deal with my nightmares better or it could be the release of emotions in my poetry.

I’m writing today. I have a chapter to get out for my email subscribers. It won’t take long then I can get back to my editing. I have completed 31. There are 61 chapters in Genavine’s Faith. They are shorter than some of my books but it’s the same size book, around 80000 words. It’s hat time my pen is calling. XOXOX



It means forever

Without linger in time

It’s a lie

For the universe is in control

Not I

What you have can be taken

Like it never existed

A thousand tears

A lost soul

One broken heart

Drowning in the worlds pain

Only to rise to a rainbow

Which lives for the rain

It’s pouring

I race the earth

Like a twister in the wind

Uprooting souls

Hunting the night

I need reason

To conquer my shadows

While fighting the dark

That haunts my soul

I have a kiss

On the edge of my lips

It’s poison reaches

But I bite down

Protecting the sweet souls I encounter

I am that hunter

But I’m also the beast I seek

I am not lost

I am not weak

I run this powerful path

In a fit of fire

Only to realize I am the one

Of light and dark

That died that many nights ago

Saving someone

Artist Fallen Angel P/ MollyWoods

13 thoughts on “It’s The Universe’s Time Not Mine

      1. Today I’m writing. I have a chapter to get out for my newsletter. I’m writing a book in my email for my subscribers. Then I’m editing but I will be sitting beneath the sun doing so. ❤

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      2. The worker at Barnes tried to find. He found your numbers. But wasn’t available. It okay. I got one to read for my summer reading dear Jupiter Rose. I will try later.

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