A Shadowed Tale

Good morning! Happy Saturday! I took a picture of the moon, but my camera didn’t do a very good job it’s a blur in the sky. It’s beautiful! ❤

I had two days without major PTSD, it’s back today. I am thankful for the break in between. It’s an ongoing battle that I will never back down from, though some days it’s tiring.

My plans for today are to finish chapter 5 in Rise of the Scorpions Blood, get it edited and do a few more chapters in Genavine’s Faith. My pen’s calling, but I need to conquer my PTSD before I can do anything. XOXOX

❤ ❤ ❤

“Life can grip my last breath, but this heart won’t go down without a fight the battle is death’s alone because I will always rise.”

Jupiter Rose


He met her in the evening

He was light

She was dark

That was the night he danced with the devil

And she flew with an angel

They bathed in peace

In the brightly lit clouds

Riding a speeding train through the flames of hell

While falling into each other’s arms

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

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