Lay With The Moon

Good morning! It’s really early. I plan on being up on time to hear the bird’s morning song. It’s the best way to begin a day. I am trying to be more open about my PTSD. There are people out there that are afraid to talk about it. I imagine it’s the guilt but don’t be afraid we are in it together.

Life can be so hard but we have each other. My hand is always out and my heart is with you. Okay, my pen is calling. I want to get an early start on my writing & editing. XOXOX


As I stand in the sun

I can feel his dark existence

His hands are cold

I embrace it

Yet I struggle

I fight the urge

To sit with him

Allowing him to wrap his darkened body around my soul

His darkness is comfort

I challenge the light to steal my breath

For the cold is haunting

I breath deeply

Thinking about the alternative

My mind drifts into the clouds that exist below heaven

I walk above the embers reaching for the stars

Yet the moon turns me away

I plead with it to accept me

For my love is open and kind

I grab hold of a comet flying through the sky

I take one star then another

And place it in my eyes

I jump to the moon and beg to stay

I promise my love

If for a moment I can lay

Beneath the moon

I feel safe

For the universe is beautiful

It holds my soul in place

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Hioooo

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