Can You Taste The Freedom?

Good morning! Happy #Monday! I am up so late this morning. I missed the birds and I haven’t had my coffee, yet. Why do the weeks drag on and the weekends fly. 😂😅🤣

Today I’m writing for about an hour then I’m editing. I am nearly done third edits for Genavine’s Faith. I hope me waking late isn’t a sign of how my days going to be.

What part of the world are you from?


It exists in the mighty mountains

And far beneath the sea

It’s out of my reach

But that doesn’t stop me

I will hunt it each night

Until I’m blue

Just to feel its touch

That’s what I’ll do

It’s the ultimate high

It’s the greatest rush

It feeds the soul

It waits for us

It paints the sky

With colours of love

It holds you close

As you rise from darkness

The light will capture you

It won’t let you fall

It will be yours for but a minute in time

It will grip your heart

You can soar with the spirits

Of each and every God

The wind will lift you

As you take this mighty ride


Have a beautiful day.

Art by Josh Dunlop

26 thoughts on “Can You Taste The Freedom?

      1. Yes, my flight was on layover and the airports are so big we had to make our way to the other side and I landed in the middle of nowhere, though the taxi driver wasn’t much help.


  1. New York has many many small towns/rural areas. We are known for our farms, apples and cherries, etc. There are many beautiful places too. Our Autumn with so much foliage and color is breathtaking

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