I Am In Love With Life

Good morning! Today is a wonderful Tuesday. I hope your morning is going well. I’m up early enough to enjoy the birds & watch the sunrise. My PTSD is at a low, weirdly enough it doesn’t get bad if I wake before the sun. (A trigger)

Today I’m editing & writing… my favourite kind of day. I am grateful for anyone and everyone that comes and reads my blog. Just knowing my words were seen means a lot to me. I find it best not to be alone with anxiety and PTSD, So with that said I’ll leave you with a quote & poem. Today’s poem is about the connection with earth.

My pen is calling. XOXOX

She touches his cheek, whispering. “It was like magic rising in the form of the sun, bright, hot and lustful. It took us to heaven and let us soar among the stars. They say that when the Gods touch our soul, a fire erupts and life will never look the same.” #quote

Jupiter Rose


There’s a echo tonight

A heartbeat

It lingers

Where ever I go

It’s not mine

It’s not yours

It belongs to the Earth

It’s with me because we’re one

I love it

It loves me

We are destined to dance

I can feel it pluck my heart strings as I sweep across the land

I twirl and sing loudly

My heart in bliss

I glance at the stars

Wishing upon them

To make this moment last

I am embraced by its life

Its love

Its grip

We sink into each breath

And then soar to the moon

As I realize I am in love with life

Have a beautiful day.

She’s like a wind✨ on We Heart It By Anna

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