It’s Free Why Not Give It Away?

Good morning! Happy Wednesday! I woke on time today and so proud. IK it’s nothing to someone else, but I was sleeping in, and it made me feel bad when I woke. I saw a deer grazing on the grass outside my window it’s too dark to take a picture. It was a baby. It was all by itself which made me sad, babies should never be alone.

Today I am editing Genavine’s faith chapter 32 to 36. Then I’m going to work on both Shut Your Eyes (Book 2 Tears of a Cowgirl) & My Heart for You. #Romanticsuspense

I have a long day ahead of me and my pen is calling. XOXOX


It all begins somewhere
In you and in me
Kindness is out there
Open your eyes and see
In a heart that’s frozen
It would be hard to take
But the warmth of love
It will keep it safe
Roads not paved
The bumpiest rides
Broken in two
Left behind
Kindness offers its hand
It throws no stones
It carries you in time of need
It breaks no bones
It whispers love
Not hate
It motivates
Lifting the dark from your chest
If you can’t catch your breath
It will breathe for you
Keeping you strong
Until you can walk on your own

Have a beautiful day. ❤

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