A Rose Is Not a Rose Until It’s Labelled One

Good morning! Happy Thursday! It’s 3 am and I’m awake, smiling. I don’t seem to get much #PTSD symptoms at this time of morning which makes me wonder if my nightmares happen in the early morning.

PTSD is complicated. Our reactions are based on the fact that that memory is stored in our fear bank instead of with the rest of our memories of life. For example if someone did something traumatic to you and they were wearing perfume that sent would not be stored under perfume or a nice smell, it would be under your #triggers and each time you smelt it you would have symptoms.

A doctor told me the only way to change this is to replace that memory with a #positive one. In some cases that is possible if you know the trigger but not all things can be changed.

Change of subject… does anyone else have problems with autocorrect? Or am I the only one?

Me: It’s so bloody hot today.

Autocorrect: I like it hard.



Umm…what? Wait! I didn’t say that.


A glimpse of light

Surrounds the dark

Within my world

I reach

But for what?

I take a breath

And step toward it

Choking on my own fear

Swallowing my pride

Swimming the unknown waters

My heart is drowning

It suffers

But it won’t let go

It crawls towards the light

Beating like a wicked drum

Grabbing the unknow

It’s warmth

Feels nice

Against the cold truth

Of reality

Have a beautiful day.

Art is by Bored Panda an amazing artist

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