A Scorching Friday

Good morning! Happy Friday! Today is going to be another scorcher 38C. They say it’s going to be like that until Sunday. What’s it like where you are? #heatwave

I think it’s too hot for the birds they didn’t come out the last few days. This gal is wise though she has a fan in each window pre cooling the apartment. I’m exhausted today. The heat beat me down, though I got 8 chapters edited yesterday and I plan on doing more today. Genavine’s Faith is coming along. So excited!

All right well my pen is calling and I hate to disappoint. XOXOX

Any weekend plans?

New Review

“Rain of Wolves” is an epic fantasy with compelling characters, who you grow to love, plus the fabulous world building. There are dream walkers, wind walkers, and a whole foray of paranormal creatures. The idea of a universe filled with different worlds of varying magical creatures makes for a fast-paced, page-turning read. The paranormal romance was nicely done, as were the interpersonal relationships between the cast of characters. The book also has underlying themes of self-discovery, self belief and personal growth. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this action packed novel, and look forward to reading more in the series.

Thanks Helena


A Passage From Rain Of The Wolves

Akita pressed her lips together tightly, trying not to laugh. “He has a pretty good sense of humour.”
Akita explored the land, her eyes examining every nook and cranny. “Something doesn’t feel right. I recognize the energy, yet it makes me uneasy; it feels bizarre. I don’t think we’re alone here; gather close. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”
The twins watched silently as they stood back-to-back with the women between them. Akita could feel the hair on the back of her neck rising; matter of fact, so was the hair on her arms. Levi felt a protective sense wash over him while guarding his surroundings intensively, “Feel anyone close?”
Akita’s breath was shallow, “Yes! Something or someone is coming our way.” Her gums throbbed; her fingernails ached from a heavy pressure; it felt as if they were being ripped from her flesh. Akita paid no mind; she watched the forest line, expecting to see the unknown. Her hearing heightened; she could detect every crackle in the leaves or branches as if someone was stepping on them.
Levi sniffed the air; he was surprised when he picked up the scent of an animal. His heart thumped fast while pain ignited throughout his back, he watched assiduously, waiting for whatever they sensed to come forth.
Trudy grabbed Lacey’s arm, pulling her back; they both stood silently watching the twins. Trudy motioned for her to shush; Lacey listened quickly.
Pain rushed down Akita’s body, but her focus remained strong; someone was sneaking upon them. Fierceness took over; she was becoming overly protective. Her mind was sharp; it overrode the pain.
Levi scratched his face, drawing blood as he ran his nails along his skin. He jumped a little but went back to watching his surroundings.
Akita fell to the ground when the pain was at its highest. Yelping aloud, her concentration ceased. “What the hell!” She cried loudly while attempting to take a deep breath. Akita glanced over at her brother, who stood on all fours, unaware that anything had changed. “Levi, is that you?”
Levi stepped back, worried about the pain his sister was undergoing. “Are you okay? What’s happening to you?” He looked at her strangely, “What do you mean, is that you? Yes, it’s me! Who else would it be?”
Akita examined him closely, his body covered in a silverish, white fur. Levi stood in a wolf’s form. Akita glanced over at Trudy, who sat trying not to snicker, “What the hell, Trudy?”

Have a beautiful day.

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