Love Is The Cure To Most Of Life’s Woes

Good morning! Happy Saturday! Today’s going to be another scorcher. (Not quite as hot but close) I haven’t heard the birds in days. They must be nesting waiting out this #heatwave. I don’t blame them.

I promote #kindness on Twitter , in case you didn’t know. I do it because the world needs it and for the mere fact that what you think can create your atmosphere. I put it out to the universe for myself, and any other individual I encounter. If we can create positivity then we have a chance at making a change.

“Love is the cure to most of life’s woes.”

Jupiter Rose

Today’s poem is #fantasy it is about searching for #love and #soulmates. I hope you enjoy it. My pen is calling. I can’t leave it wait. XOXOX


Somewhere out there

Beneath the big blue sky

You exist

You walk this earth

And chase your destiny

Do you know it’s me?

I listen for the sound of your heartbeat

It echoes among the stars

I watch for the light in your eyes

As the moon dangles each night

I dance in its light

Singing my song of love

I run the Earth’s paths

Fighting for what’s right

I know I’ll find you



Have you looked for me?

Do you know I exist?

Do you run this Earth searching for your love?

Climbing each star on the darkest nights

Can you count the beats of my heart?

When I think of you

I can hear you call

Do you hear me calling you?

Have a beautiful day. ❤

Photo by emo-boyz-r-soo-fkin-hott 

8 thoughts on “Love Is The Cure To Most Of Life’s Woes

  1. A wonderful poem dear Jupiter Rose. I agree. Love can save us and love will break our heart. I received your book yesterday. I will read at the Lake St. Clair on Monday. I did like the ending.” Do you hear me calling you?”

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    1. I love going to the lake, John. I wish there was one close by, I’d spend my time there. I am happy you enjoyed the poem and that you are going to read Teravaza. I truly hope you enjoy it. XOXOX

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      1. It didn’t look so big. I like big books. Last week I have been reading John Dryden book of poetry and story. 301 pagers. Hard work dear Jupiter Rose. Once I wrote a 200 page book in three days in 1993. It is still waiting for a edit. I told you already. You are amazing. You are published.

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